BC3 Hotspots:

Hotspots are locations where wireless service is available to mobile users for Internet access. Hotspots are available around most of the campus. Anyone using a laptop equipped with a wireless interface will be able to access the Internet in most areas on campus.

An example process is as follows:

Built-in Windows XP Wireless Management software:

  1. Right click on the wireless network connection in the lower right of your desktop (by the clock)
  2. Select View Available Wireless Networks from the shortcut menu.
    1. This will bring up a box showing all available wireless networks within range of you computer. If you do not see any available wireless networks, click on the Refresh network list on the left side of that dialog box.
  3. Click on BC3NET-HOTSPOT
  4. Click Connect - You will get a message stating that you are about to connect to an unsecured network...
  5. Select Connect Anyway

Specific software for your card:

Please refer to the documentation or website for your card as there are many different types of cards and software.



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