Outlook Anywhere:

Set up your work email to go to your Outlook on your home Computer.

Step 1:

Launch Outlook on your home computer

Step 2:

Leave the Option selected to setup an email account and click NEXT

Step 3:

Enter in your information. Display name (how do you want your name to look), email address, and your password twice. NOTE: Your password is the same password you use to access Web Mail and your PC on campus. Click NEXT

Step 4:

Outlook will connect to the College's exchange server

Step 5:

Enter your network user information (Firstname.Lastname@bc3campus.bc3.edu and your password. Note the @bc3campus.bc3.edu). Select the option to remember your password so you will not be prompted for it every time you open Outlook. Click OK.

Step 6:

Outlook finishes the configuration. Click Finish.

Step 7:

You now have access to your Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar, and Contacts like you do on your office PC.


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