Access Personal X drive with Web Outlook:

You can now access your personal X: drive using Web Outlook. For security reasons, you will have read-only access to your X: drive. You can download documents from your X: drive to your home computer, make changes, and then you will need to email the file back to yourself and save it back to your X: drive when you are back on campus.


Step 1:

Log into Web outlook

Step 2:

Click the DOCUMENTS option in the lower left pane.
Click the DOCUMENTS option on the left pane

Step 3:

Click OPEN LOCATION in the upper left pane.
Click OPEN LOCATION in the upper left pane

Step 4:

Type in the path to your X: drive. The path is: \\bc3staff\staff-drives$\firstname.lastname (Ex: \\bc3staff\staffdrives$\john.smith). Click the OPEN button.
Enter the path to your drive and click OPEN

Step 5:

Click ADD TO FAVORITES in the upper middle pane so you will not have to repeat step 4 again for that drive.

Step 6:

Double click on documents to Open or Save them to your computer.


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